Thrifting and Upcycling for Kids’ Room Decor


7. Map It Out

Old maps are easy to find and they never go out of style. Perfect for children’s spaces with large walls to fill, maps add flavor and design to the room without taking on a dominant design. What fun it is to look over the map with your child and point out different areas and locations! And you can give it deeper meaning by choosing a map of a place that is special to the family.

Map It Out
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8. Make Room for a Mini Office

As your child grows and starts school, consider transforming the closet into an area that’s perfect for homework, art projects or focused play. By removing the closet doors and installing simple shelving and a desk on one side, the closet takes on a whole new meaning. This special spot will surely become your child’s favorite place to be.

Make Room for a Mini Office
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