Thrifting and Upcycling for Kids’ Room Decor


5. Make Something Old Become New Again

It’s so easy to find a lone piece of furniture that’s itching for new life via a fresh coat of paint and a little TLC. If you don’t have something you can spare around the house, scour local garage sales or Craigslist to find pieces on the cheap, or even FREE. Choose a fun color and voila, you’ve got a perfect focal point for any kid’s rooms. And it’s always more exciting to sit in a chair that’s got a pop of color so the kids will surely love the revamped piece, too.

Make Something Old Become New Again
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6. Collect an Alphabet City

Kids fall in love with letters early on in life and the fondness never really goes away. Create an alphabet collage curated over time, using wooden or fabric letters in mismatched colors, sizes and patterns for a fun look and big impact.

Collect an Alphabet City
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