Thrifting and Upcycling for Kids’ Room Decor


3. Take an Adventure

It’s refreshing to see a kid room with personality. Unusual furniture pieces or artwork tell a story. Children always want to feel like they are on an adventure, so why not bring it into their space? This old wooden dresser was upcycled with a reverse stencil treatment to create a showcase piece that brings the room’s travel theme to life.

Take an Adventure
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4. Use Books as Decor

Every parent wants to encourage their children to cherish great books, and what better way to infuse a love of reading than by displaying them as part of the room decor? This is a great budget-friendly decor tip because everyone has plenty of children’s books on hand. Display books on inexpensive wall shelving, which can easily be spray painted a fun color. It’s a terrific way to showcase your children’s favorite reads so they never forget tales from their youth.

Use Books as Decor
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