15 Pretty, Easy-to-Do Hairstyles for Your Little Girl’s Long Hair


6. Double Twist

photo via: http://www.amazon.com/Cozys-Complete-Guide-Girls-Hair/dp/1579654223

Good For These Types: Straight, Wavy, Curly

Good For These Lengths: Short, Medium, Long

Hair Should Be: Dry or damp

What You’ll Need: Brush or wide-tooth comb, fine-tooth comb, small barrettes or hair clips and bobby pins (optional)

Difficulty: Easy

How To Do It:

1. Use the brush or wide-tooth comb to remove tangles. Using the fine-tooth comb, part hair either in the middle or to one side.

2. Gather a small section of hair, approximately an inch wide, from one side of the part at the front of the head. Tightly twist the section (but not so tight that it hurts!) toward the part clockwise, so the twist “opens” upward rather than downward. Keep the twist close to the scalp, working in more hair as you go, and ending the twist at the crown of the head.

3. Secure with a pretty clip at the crown. Repeat on the other side of the part. If hair is fine – and the barrette might slide off – you may want to secure the twists with bobby pins before adding the clip.